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Welcome to 12U Bow Blue
by posted 04/05/2022

Welcome Bow Girls 12U Blue Team!!!!


If you are receiving this email you are a part of the Girls 12U Blue team.  Anne, Angela and myself will be your coaches for this season.  We will have one more indoor practice this week...Thursday, same time and place. We are excited at the opportunity to coach your athletes.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any comments, concerns, questions, etc.  I am best reached vis TEXT; my cell is 603-493-7326.  I work in healthcare, I am not at a computer during the day and sometimes not able to check my phone for many hours at a time....TEXT is the fastest way to reach me.  


Please sign in to the Bow Lacrosse website and download the app.  This makes communication more efficient.  Also, please verify that contact information is up to date and complete.  If there are co-parenting situations, please make sure there is contact information for both.  We are a team of 17, so attendance will be key to games.  If they need an account, please have them contact Brian via email with contact info and he can add them.  


Our practices will be 90 min, twice a week.  I do not have the dates for practices just yet, please be patient.  As soon as I have that schedule and location I will send out the info.  Our game schedule can be located via the Bow Lacrosse website.  Please let me know, with as much time as possible, if your athlete will not be at a game.  We field 12 athletes, a team of 17 will be tight for subbing.  


Expectations.  Athletes should be prepared for all practices and games with all the appropriate equipment.  If they do not have all of it, they cannot participate.  Necessary items are goggles, mouthguard, water and stick.  Athletes need to be at the field for games 30 min before game time.  When not at practice, spend 20 min everyday cradling or doing wall ball/bounce back.  Positive behavior with regards to sportsmanship and respect by all, including fans and family, will be a necessity and greatly appreciated.  Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will be subject to consequences.


Fun stuff...GAMES!!!!  We do not have a game this weekend, we have a bye week.  Yeah us!  Our first game will be Sat, April 16, 430pm in Exeter.  We have a fair amount of girls that will be playing for the first or second time.  Our goal is to put athletes in a position that best suits the team. We are here to teach the game, sportsmanship, team dynamics and most importantly HAVE FUN!  If there are any parents that would like to take some video clips and or pics of our athletes and put together a video at the end of the season, let me know.  It is always nice to see every athlete at their best at the end of the season.  We encourgae spirit, so wear your blue and gold; bring pom, poms, cheer loud for good plays and goals!!!!!


Again, please do not hesitate to reach out.  We are very excited for this season to begin....it will go by so fast so hang on!  On behalf of Anne, Angela and myself, welcome to Bow Lacrosse.......LET'S GO BOW!!!!!!!!

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