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Change Team: 
Toughest loss of the season!
by posted 05/21/2023

Today was rough.  We did not play our best today; we left a lot off the field, we did not play with heart.  These types of losses are tough because we did not play our best, we did not give it 110%.  Sure, there were a lot of factors that contributed to our loss today but ultimately, we did not play well. 

We chased the ball, we did not set our defense, we did not keep our emotions in check, etc.  This game is a learning experience; if we dont come to every game with a good attitiude, ready to play 110%; we will lose everytime.  Each player needs to know their role and stick to it; one player cannot carry the team and chase the ball.  

I shared with the girls today that I was disappointed.  If we give our absolute best and play hard and still lose, I can br proud of that, becuase we gave it our best!  I will take that every day of the week.  When we dont play our best and lose we have noone to blame but ourselves.  Lots of emotion this week, lots of emotion today.  I, personally, have a lot of feelings and thoughts about todays game.  I am just sad and very tired.  We tried to put players in positions that would give us the best chance to make a comeback but our teamwork is just not there.  

We absolutely CANNOT talk back to any ref at any time about any play.  They cannot see everything that is happening.  When we coplain or try to shift blame to the ref's for the reason why we are losing or lost a game breeds a negative environment.  Negativity is contagious and we do try to squash it as soon as it is noticed.  I am doing my best as a parent to manage my kiddo in regards to that.  There was a lot today...so much so that I had to hush our whole bench and make them sit down.  We cannot entertain that type of chatter on the bench either.

We came out very flat today, no energy, no excitement, no HEART.  I feel like we lost before we even started the clock.  As parents and spectators, please encourage our team from the sideline, cheer them on.  Be positive..even a lets go or we got this, etc is all they need.  I love the positive chatter, this is especically important when the mood is flat and/or we are behind.  I truly feel that we could have won the game today but we had no HEART. 

I have already fielded an email in regards to playing time.  It has been the rule and the expectation all along that if you athlete sits on the bench, with googles and mouthgaurd off, they are not ready to play and will not be subbed in.  Annie and I have a lot going on during the game and the girls should be mature enough to handle the expectation of game readiness.  There will be a parent logging sub and playing time.  I am not sure what we are going to do with that information and not sure we will have the time to address playing time during a game, but we are going to try.  

Annie and I do our absolute best to make sure everyone gets playing time.  We cannot have athletes asking for the ball or expect to get a pass when they are not open for a safe pass.  Asking for a pass when covered, should not happen.  If there is an athlete working to get open and is open, a lot, Annie and I will address and we do address it.  We need to make sure that we are not confusing field time with touches.  The two may be similar but they are very different.  Annie and I also have an obligation to put ourselves in a psosition that is best for the team.  Practicing at home and puttin in the work is noticed in game play; you can tell who puts in work at home and who doesnt.  Keep doing wall ball, keep watching College games (do so with a critical eye) work on ground balls, scooping, takeing shots...etc.

We are not a cohesive team and today it caught up to us, all of our inconsistancies were exposed.  We struggle with passing, sticking to the game plan, listening to coaches when playing, etc.  Simply, we just need to do better.  I could not be more thankful for a weekend off... we all need a breather.  We have a big weekend coming up; June 3 and 4 we have 3 games that weekend.  

I have reached out to Mr. McKeen for more practice time and I am awaiting his response.  Every athlete needs to work on passing and ground balls.  If we cannot pass and win ground balls we cant win games.  Please try to make it to as many practices over the nest two weeks as possible.  I will post those extra practice times if an when we get them. 

As always, thank you for your support.  Annie and I are doing the best we can and we know the girls are trying as well.  These types of game days are really hard.  I hope we can rebound adn finish strong for the last three games.  Please feel free to reach out with any comments, concerns or suggestions.  Annie and I are open to positive, constructive opportunities.  Annie and I adroe each and every one of our athletes, they are all great young ladies adn we are thankful to have the opportunity to coach them.


Annie and Brandy


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