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Code of Conduct 2015

By participating as a Bow Youth Lacrosse Association (BYL) player, parent, coach, spectator, volunteer, or official, I pledge to conduct myself in a manner that complies with the Code of Conduct as designed and approved by the Bow Youth Lacrosse Board of Directors. Additionally all participants agree as part of the annual registration process to abide by US Lacrosse Rules, Regulations and Policies.

We pledge to:

  1. Honor the Game. Lacrosse can be considered America’s first sport, with its history spanning back several centuries. Its roots are in Native American religion; lacrosse was often played to resolve conflicts, heal the sick, and develop strong men. Native Americans still refer to lacrosse as "The Creators Game." Lacrosse also served as preparation for war. As many as 1,000 players per side, from the same or different tribes, would play on a field that could be up to 15 miles in length, and games sometimes lasted for days. From these roots, Lacrosse has developed into a fast-paced, exhilarating game that is the fastest growing sport in America. While today’s game is very different than the one played centuries ago, it is important to remember its history, and play the game with the respect it is due.
  2. Lacrosse can be an intense game; this intensity can escalate emotions if everyone does not act respectfully. Players must demonstrate respect at all times to the following people:
    1. Teammates and opposing players – Bullying or verbally abusing other players on their team, an opposing team, or player in BYL will not be tolerated. In addition, the equipment and property of other players should be left alone. (Please refer to #16 for more information)
    2. Coaches, including the coaches of opposing teams – Any coach that is helping on the sideline, even if not a regular coach for your team will be treated with respect and as you would act with the coaches of your team. All coaches should be addressed as "coach".
    3. Parents and spectators – Players should not talk to spectators during games.
    4. Officials – Players will not act in ways to show up officials. Additionally, officials should be addressed by coaches and team captains only.
  3. Uphold the essential elements of the US Lacrosse Youth Council "Code of Conduct", which are HONESTY and INTEGRITY.
  4. Demonstrate and encourage good sportsmanship and concepts of fair play.
  5. Focus on fun; however, attendance and participation at all practices and games is essential.
  6. Repetitive absences at practices will result in limited playing time, since practice is important for developing skills, learning plays, and becoming part of a team. Participation in practices and games means being dressed on time, paying attention to coaches, and taking part in all drills. This also means that inappropriate behavior on the sidelines will not be tolerated. Players will be dressed in full equipment at all times, standing on the sidelines, and watching the game.
  7. Know and abide the rules of lacrosse, the established guidelines, and the eligibility requirements.
  8. The safety and the welfare of all players is top priority. Players and parents must understand that serious injury can occur if players are not wearing equipment, and Bow Youth Lacrosse can incur liability if someone is hurt. Appropriate equipment will be worn anytime a ball is being thrown. In addition, players will not join practice or participate in pre-game activities unless they are wearing all equipment.
  9. Bow Youth Lacrosse will not tolerate drug, alcohol, or tobacco use by any of its players, parents or coaches at lacrosse events, and will support parent’s efforts to maintain this policy.
  10. Players violating this policy will not play but remain on the sideline while a parent is contacted. Additionally, the incident will be referred to the Board of Directors for action.
  11. Bow Youth Lacrosse also expects its players to maintain passing grades, and will support a parent’s decision to formally request a leave (in writing) for their son and/or daughter to concentrate on academics.
  12. Players who do not adhere to these rules will be required to attend a parent/coaches meeting to discuss the infraction, be dismissed from participating in practice, have reduced playing time in games or be removed from games. Serious infractions can result in dismissal from the team; these infractions include bullying, fighting with teammates or opposing players, theft of property, continued disrespect to coaches, use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, and actions that are detrimental to the integrity of the Bow Youth Lacrosse Organization.


Failure to abide by the rules of US Lacrosse Rules/Regulations and BYL Lacrosse Code of Conduct or other acts of infractions considered detrimental to BYL shall be subjected to the following penalties.
1st Offense

1. Meeting with coaches and parents to discuss incident.
2. Verbal warning followed by written warning.
Note: Depending on severity of incident, additional or more severe punishment could be administered inclusive of suspension and dismissal from program.

In the case of fighting, visually and/or verbally demonstrating signs of dissatisfaction with official's decision, another player, or a coach, the player/parent will be suspended for a minimum of one game and practices leading up to that game.

2nd Offense

1. Meeting with coaches, BYL Board and parents to discuss incident.
2. Notice of suspension is given. While on suspension the person may not participate in any NYLA events. Additional disciplinary action may be administered by BYL. Suspension periods will be determined the BYL Board.
Note: Depending on severity of incident, additional or more severe punishment could be administered inclusive of suspension and dismissal from program.

In the case of fighting, visually and/or verbally demonstrating signs of dissatisfaction with official's decision, another player, or a coach, the player/parent will be expelled from NYLA Lacrosse for the season without refund and/or permanent BYL expulsion.

3rd Offense

• Meeting with coaches, BYL Board and parents to discuss incident.
• In all cases, a third incident will be punishable by expulsion from NYLA without refund.
Furthermore, as a party, spectator, coach, or volunteer I pledge not to:

  1. Use profanity at any Bow Youth Lacrosse event or activity.
  2. Criticize or heckle coaches, players, other spectators, or game officials.
  3. Touch an opposing player, coach, or game official in a threatening manner.
  4. Encourage players to physically harm opposing players

To participate in any Lacrosse event all players, coaches, officials, parents must agree to this contract and pledge. Furthermore, by participating in BYL, I agree to be available to discuss any and all disciplinary actions given to my player. I also understand that it is my responsibility as the parent or guardian to ensure my player abides by these guidelines. Lastly, I am agreeing to abide by and uphold the above stated "Code of Conduct" for myself, all family members, and guests attending games and practices. I understand that violating this code either by commission or omission will be subject to penalties as stated in the "Code of Conduct".